Once again this year, Polestar successfully completed a marathon production run of Christmas TV Listings last weekend.

The magazines produced were - TV Choice and Total TVguide (H Bauer), Radio Times (Immediate Media), What’s on TV, TV Times and TV & Satellite Week (Time Inc (UK)).

Over 8.3 million stitched magazines were manufactured across five Polestar sites and managed to very tight deadlines utilising 19 presses and 15 stitching lines, constituting the equivalent of over 51million x 32pp section.

This year Polestar was supported by PCP, Pindar, Prinovis and Wyndeham.

Barry Hibbert, CEO of Polestar said:

‘The annual production of Christmas TV Listings magazines is always a high point for us and this year was more exciting than ever, due to larger paginations and the use of additional product enhancements - proof indeed that print is certainly on the up!

I am particularly pleased this year because we were able to utilise both of our 96pp web offset presses at Polestar Sheffield in the plan. So soon after installation, these presses are running at world class speeds.

I would also like to thank PCP, Pindar, Prinovis and Wyndeham for their huge support in this production.’

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An affiliate of Sun European Partners, LLP (“Sun European Partners”), today announces the acquisition of the River Group Ltd (“the River Group”) a full service, leading UK content marketing agency. The intention is to form a new partnership in the magazine and content sector with The Polestar Group. The companies will remain independent but will work closely together on specific retail and brand projects.

Established in London in 1994, River provides high profile consumer brands with a wide range of marketing services, helping them to devise content and manage its delivery to their consumers via printed matter, on-line, digital, email and social media.

Nicola Murphy will continue in her role as CEO of The River Group and maintain an economic interest in the business.

Jordan Wadsworth Principal Sun European Partners, commented; “Sun specialises in the purchase of market leading companies and creating relationships between symbiotic businesses which will positively effect their growth and which will deliver positive benefits to their customers and staff.”

Barry Hibbert, CEO of Polestar, said; “I am looking forward to working with River Group. This partnership will greatly enhance our services and proposition to retailers and brands we already support as well as a growing list of new clients.”

Nicola Murphy, CEO of River Group, said; “We will reap the benefits on behalf of clients and staff of being part of a bigger group.  There are many synergies in service capability and I look forward to adding to River’s services with the backing of a strong financial owner.”

About Sun European Partners, LLP
Sun European Partners, LLP is a leading private investment advisory firm, combining the financial skills and resources of a traditional private equity firm with the operational insight and expertise of a world class operating team. The firm focuses on market-leading companies that can benefit from its in-house professionals, resources, and expertise in their efforts to materially improve operating performance. Affiliates of Sun European Partners, LLP have invested in more than 335 companies worldwide since 1995, with combined sales in excess of €35 billion. Further information on Sun European Partners, LLP is available at

About the River Group Ltd
River is the UK’s sixth largest content agency combining the specialisms of digital and print with market-leading content. The agency focuses on the delivery of content on behalf of major blue chip brands including WeightWatchers, NBTY, Honda, Superdrug, SBH and The Co-Operative Group. Further information on the River Group is available at

About The Polestar Group

Market leaders in the magazine, newspaper supplement and commercial printing markets, the Group is also a major supplier to the retail, travel and financial markets.  Polestar is the only printer in the UK to offer gravure, heatset web offset, sheet-fed, cutstar and digital printing. The Group has the largest armoury of finishing facilities, enabling award winning, first rate quality production to the tightest possible schedules.  Polestar is currently undertaking a £50 million capital investment programme in state of the art heatset web offset presses at our Sheffield site.

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CrossCountry Trains has extended its relationship with Polestar Applied Solutions by renewing the contract for its timetable production, printing and distribution services.

Rakesh Bansal, Production Manager at CrossCountry commented: “We’re extremely pleased to extend our print contract with Polestar. We’ve enjoyed a very successful relationship since the start of the franchise, and look ahead to continue receiving a high level of expertise and efficiency in print management.”

Ian Allan, Head of New Media at Polestar said: “We delighted that CrossCountry Trains have extended their relationship with us. We look forward to delivering best in class service with innovation and technology as our main focus areas.”

Polestar offer a range of services to the train industry including the market leading timetable platform, data management tools, printing and distribution.

For further information, please contact:
Tel: +44 (0)12 1200 6151
Email: [email protected]

Polestar: IAN ALLAN
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IPC intends to award the contract to Polestar on a six-year term from July 2014 through to 2020. The work will be produced at Polestar’s sites in Sheffield, Wakefield, Leeds and Bicester, with sheet fed production being handled at Stones in Banbury.

Polestar already handles the production of 15 of IPC’s specialist magazines (two weeklies, and 13 monthly/four-weekly titles) in a contract which runs until 2017. The 15 specialist magazines are produced at Polestar Chantry and Polestar Colchester.

Guy Gleysteen, senior vice president, Production, Time Inc. says: “Polestar is a key partner to IPC Media. Its investment has created a platform for the future that makes the expansion of our partnership the right choice for both companies.”

Richard Hill, Production Operations director, IPC Media, adds: “This decision extends and expands our long-standing relationship with Polestar. Polestar’s existing facilities combined with the new press investments will enhance the scale and flexibility of the resources available to meet the future manufacturing needs of our diverse portfolio of brands and will help to drive future manufacturing efficiencies beyond printing and binding. At the same time I would like to acknowledge and thank the excellent way in which the teams at Wyndeham and Pensord have served IPC over many years.”

Barry Hibbert, CEO of Polestar, says: “This is a huge decision by IPC Media and it is not an understatement to say that the Polestar team is absolutely thrilled.  I am proud that our relationship goes back many decades and is one that we look forward to growing together into the future.”

James Povey, Marketing Director – UK Print, adds: “We have always sought to prove ourselves as the best possible supplier of choice to IPC Media - never more so than at this point, when our investment programme and service history has been validated in such a significant way.  To have been awarded the status of sole supplier is fantastic news for our business and we are extremely grateful for the vote of trust IPC Media has placed in our future relationship.”

About IPC Media
IPC Media is one of the leading consumer magazine publishers in the UK. Its three publishing divisions are: IPC Connect, IPC Southbank and IPC Inspire. IPC is wholly owned by Time Warner, one of the world’s largest media groups.

For further information, please contact:
IPC Media: Anne Gurr
PR Manager Corporate Communications
Tel: 020 3148 5405
Email: [email protected]

Polestar: James Povey
Marketing Director – UK Print
Tel: 020 7067 4330
Email: [email protected]


Groupe Marie Claire a conclu un contrat de 2 ans avec Polestar pour la production de trois titres français :

  • La Revue du Vin de France
  • Votre Beauté
  • Mariages.

Les trois titres seront imprimés sur le site de Polestar Chantry à Wakefield.

Benoit Carlier, Directeur de la Fabrication et des Achats de Production chez Groupe Marie Claire, précise:

‘Nous sommes certains que l’offre industrielle proposée par Polestar Chantry, comme en témoignent les premières productions réalisées, saura satisfaire les exigences de qualité qui sont les notre pour la réalisation de ces 3 magazines.’

James Povey, Marketing Director - UK Print chez Polestar, explique:

‘Ces trois titres correspondent parfaitement au profil des magazines offset de qualité qui sont produits par Polestar Chantry et l’équipe est ravie d’avoir décroché ces titres prestigieux.   Nous avons depuis longtemps voulu développer notre activité de presse en France et nous sommes très reconnaissants au Groupe Marie Claire de nous avoir donné cette opportunité.’

Claire Sawyer, Responsable Export de Polestar, basée à Paris, rajoute:

‘Ayant servi le marché français de l’impression commerciale depuis de nombreuses années, cette validation par le Groupe Marie Claire convient parfaitement à nos objectifs stratégiques.  Nous offrons maintenant à nos clients un service de fabrication français basé sur nos sites de production et nous espérons que ceci nous aidera à développer plus profondément notre présence sur les marchés francophones.


Pour plus d’information, veuillez contacter:

Polestar:                       James Povey
Marketing Director – UK Print
Email:                           [email protected]
Tel:                               00 44 (0)7831 811236


Groupe Marie Claire has placed a two-year contract with Polestar for the production of three French magazines:

  • La Revue du Vin de France
  • Votre Beauté
  • Mariages.

All three titles will be produced at Polestar Chantry in Wakefield.

Benoit Carlier, Directeur de la fabrication et des achats de production at Groupe Marie Claire, said:

‘We are convinced that the manufacturing solution proposed by Polestar Chantry will be able to satisfy the stringent quality demands that our three magazines require.  This has been proven by the first issues produced at the site.’






James Povey, Marketing Director - UK Print at Polestar, said:

‘These three titles fit perfectly into the high-quality profile of web offset magazines produced by Polestar Chantry and the team is really delighted to have won these prestigious brands. We have long wanted to grow our business in France with contractual magazines and are very thankful to Groupe Marie Claire for giving us this opportunity.’

Claire Sawyer, Polestar Export Sales Manager based in Paris, added:

‘Having served the French commercial print market for many years, this validation by Groupe Marie Claire is perfect for our strategic goals.  We now offer our clients site-based French speaking customer service support and hope that this facility will help to grow our business further in the French speaking market.’

For further information, please contact:

Polestar:                       James Povey
Marketing Director – UK Print
Email:                          [email protected]
Tel:                             00 44 (0)7831 811236

Polestar and Farbrik Communications join forces to create TransportHub

Polestar and Farbrik Communications are joining forces to become the number one provider of sustainable travel information solutions in the UK, with the creation of a new joint venture, TransportHub.

Both companies and their teams have supplied into the transport sector successfully for over a decade, providing communication solutions ranging from; bespoke software systems, timetable production, data quality tools, print and fulfillment, including all manner of marketing and passenger information collateral.

By joining forces to combine the acknowledged best software platform from Polestar with the leading creative skills and transport strategic thinking from Farbrik, TransportHub will consolidate their joint position by seeking to become the premium supplier of choice to this market.

Rachael Woods, Managing Director of Farbrik Communications commented, ‘”The team at Farbrik is delighted to be joining forces with Polestar and relish the opportunity to build and continue on their success to date.”

Ian Allan, Head of New Media at Polestar said, “Polestar is really looking forward to working with Farbrik. We believe that our new joint team will provide unparalleled service and firepower to the transport sector.”

Ian continues “This is one of several exciting developments in 2014 building on the continuing development of Polestar’s digital and technological foundation.”

Click here to view the TransportHub brochure

For further information, please contact:
Fabric: Rachael Woods
Managing Director
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 0203 353 3746

Polestar: James Povey
Marketing Director – UK Print
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Tel: 07831 811236


Guardian News & Media has placed their new lifestyle supplement, Do Something, with The Polestar Group.

This monthly magazine, which launches on Saturday 11 January, will encourage readers to develop new skills and try new experiences - from learning to snowboard, to mastering street photography or starting your own supper club.

Consisting of a 48pp text plus 4pp cover and run length of circa 510,000 copies, this saddle stitched title will print at Polestar Petty and be bagged together with Weekend and The Guide for the Saturday edition of the Guardian.

Bob Steadman, Director of Newspaper Operations at GNM, ‘Polestar continues to produce quality products for GNM and we are delighted that they are part of our ongoing investment in our print products.’

David Gray, Sales Director at Polestar said, ‘It is great news for Polestar to start the New Year with a new print launch for GNM Ltd. The Polestar team is really pleased to be producing Do Something for this long-standing and valued client.

For further information, please contact:

Polestar:           James Povey
Marketing Director – UK Print
Email:               [email protected]
Tel:                   07831 811236

GNM:                Bob Steadman
Director of Newspaper Operations
Email:               [email protected]
Tel:                   0203 353 3746


Polestar Sheffield made a major step forward in the development of their environmental strategy when the plant became the first printing company in UK to be awarded the Nordic Ecolabel.
The Nordic Ecolabel Accreditation was established in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers to meet the stringent environmental and climate criteria required to supply printed products into Scandinavia. The Nordic Ecolabel is a seal of approval that the environmental policies employed by Polestar Sheffield can deliver printed products using safe environmental manufacturing processes and materials. These are key factors in achieving a sustainable society, along with being a practical tool for consumers to help them actively choose environmentally approved and safe products. Polestar Sheffield can now sit comfortably alongside other world-leading companies that proudly carry the Nordic Ecolabel, for example Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Sharp, Fujitsu, Scandic Hotels, and SCA.
The Ecolabel project was overseen by Tony Burke, a member of the new Polestar Graduate training scheme. Tony comments: “It is really rewarding to be part of a company that is internationally recognised for its environmental policies. Nordic Ecolabel qualifications are second to none and to achieve the Ecolabel now allows Polestar Sheffield sales team to increase our potential market by selling approved printed products into Scandinavia.”

Polestar Sheffield Managing Director Phil Boynes added “This is a great achievement, not only do we endeavour to print high quality and competitive gravure products but we now do this with the full endorsement of the Nordic Ecolabel.”

The Ecolabel approval follows the Polestar customer summer event, when Barry Hibbert, Chief Executive, set out Polestar’s environmental policy. Barry encouraged publishers to continue to invest in the `golden nugget’ of printing and sought to dispel a number of environmental printing myths. This includes the common misconception that using paper is detrimental to the environment and destroys forests. The fact is that forests are 30% larger today than in 1950 and the annual increase in forest area is equivalent to 1.5million football pitches.

The paper and magazine industry is also the best performing industry for recycling products, recycling 2 tonnes every second of every day. This is in complete reversal to electronic products waste, which has sky rocketed globally to 25-50 million tonnes of waste being generated every year.

• To view the Ecolabel environmental conditions and requirements visit their website at

• To view Polestar UK print environmental policies, go to the website at

• For further information, please contact:

Jeff White
Customer Services Director
Polestar Sheffield

Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 07921 232395


Titan Publishing Group have renewed their contract with Polestar with a new two-year deal for seventeen monthly titles, including Simpsons Comics, Batman and Superman Comics.

The contract, which is worth in excess of £1million, will see titles printing at Polestar Chantry, Polestar Petty and Polestar Bicester.

Kevin Wooff, Print & Paper Buyer at Titan Publishing said:

‘Since we moved our business to Polestar we have been delighted with the service and commitment to our magazines both in terms of pricing, quality and delivery and are very happy to renew our contract. We look forward to continued success and co-operation between our businesses.’

David Gray, Sales Director, said:

‘We are delighted that Titan Publishing Group has endorsed Polestar with this new deal by continuing our relationship on this portfolio of extremely strong brands.’

For further information, please contact:

Titan Publishing Group

Kevin Wooff

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 020 7620 0200


James Povey

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 020 7076 4330