Education Centre

Polestar offers across all of its facilities training programmes whether that be structured or casual with experienced teams ready to pass on their vast knowledge. Each facility also has an Innovation team whom will be happy to sit down with you and look through the project and look at ways of adding value or creating that unique finish.

Polestar’s award winning Printdynamics is also available as a resource for clients

This award winning resource has been developed to support the Polestar Printdynamics™ CD Rom.

It has been designed to guide you through different print processes so that you can gain a comprehensive awareness of the print industry through video, photographs, illustrations, and process flowcharts showing the development of the design at each stage of the printing process.

The idea behind this training programme is to make you aware of the printing industry and its potential, and how dynamic it can be. It should make you aware of how each process works, why different print processes are chosen for different jobs, what makes them different, and how these differences will affect the end product.

It will also give you an overview of how printing develops from the design right through to reprographic and print stages, and make you aware of the many roles that print has to go through before it can be placed on to the shelves in the many shops we see every day.
Click here to Visit our award wining Print Dynamics website.