Océ JetStream 2200 x 1 Unit CMYK DigiDot technology, piezo-electric drop-on-demand Ink Jet reel-fed printing. Pinless or pinfed.
Océ VarioStream 9240 x 1 Unit CMYK 4 colour electro-photographic simplex and duplex variable paper size. 1/1 mono 800 A4 ipm, 2/2 mono 344 ipm and 4/4 full colour 170 A4 ipm.
Océ VarioStream 9210 x 1 Unit Electro-photographic reel-fed laser printing. Pinless or pinfed. Simplex and duplex, variable paper size.
Océ VarioStream 9510 x 2 Units 23,400 100 gsm simplex or duplex A4s per hour per machine. 9510’s with an output of 1,025 A4 Images per/min, 61,440 images per hour.
Océ VarioPrint 5160 x 2 Units Mono with colour highlight & Micr.
iGen 3 x 1 Unit Full colour digital press. Up to 6,600 full process colour A4 impressions per hour. Paper size upto 521mm x 364mm.