Polestar Chantry

Focused on quality and exceptional customer service, Polestar Chantry is proud to be the chosen print partner for the UK’s most prestigious Publisher and Commercial print customers.

Proven reliability

Polestar Chantry has unrivaled experience at producing high quality, time sensitive weekly and monthly magazines – from smaller run to mass market titles.

Unique flexibility

We are able to offer high levels of flexibility and have the firepower to meet the ever changing needs of our clients, be that last minute schedule changes or increased quantities and paginations.

In order to differentiate your product, Polestar Chantry offers an array of added value opportunities for your products:

  • 5th & 6th colour inks
  • Fragrance varnish
  • In-line Gloss and Matt UV varnish
  • Ink jet numbering
  • A3, A4, A5 + delta fold products
  • Gatefold products
  • Spine glue + rotary trimming
  • 4pp – 72pp sections



State of the art perfect binding and mailing facilities handle a diverse product mix, which includes:

  • Sachets and tip-ons
  • Loose and static pinned inserts
  • Bound inserts & gatefolds
  • Magna-stripped inserts

The Sitma lines are equipped with demographic capability and camera reading:

  • Inkjet facility (onto carriers, poly or directly onto a magazine)
  • Fully selective/personalised mailing
  • 6 onserts (+ split hoppers for A5 products)
  • Gadget feeders (for the inclusion of DVDs, CDs etc)
  • Vacuum system for hand feeding & wrapping of unusual shaped products (key rings, mascara etc).

With an industry reputation for quality and customer service, Polestar Chantry truly offers a ‘total production solution’ all on one site.
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