Polestar Petty

Polestar Petty has an unrivalled reputation as a power house of web offset production, specialising in high quality, time critical magazines and supplements.

With the capacity to print 57 million 32pp sections and 12 million stitched magazines per week, Polestar Petty is acknowledged as one of the most consistent, quality driven web offset plants in the UK.

The customer service team at Polestar Petty has vast experience within the industry and we work with our customers to ensure they are given the most cost effective, innovative and efficient production process possible. Our reputation at Polestar Petty is built on trust, and it is a reputation we are proud of.

Over the years we have partnered with our customers to create pioneering ideas, from true A/B/C/D splits of 4pp, 6pp or 8pp covers, to ink-jetting of complex number and letter combinations.

The firepower of the press hall is matched by the might of the 5 x high speed ferag stitching lines, ensuring on time, in full delivery is met day in, day out at Polestar Petty.

Producing some of the UK’s most icon titles, Polestar Petty is a market leader in the weekly magazine market:


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